Haven 24 Months – 2 YEARS!

This year has gone by in a flash.  Much faster than Haven’s first year!  There are so many good memories of the year, and I’m thankful for these monthly photos.  Here is a year in the life of Haven (monthly photos).


13 Months
We had a blast this early Saturday morning photo shoot and then headed to the Farmer’s Market!

14 Months
This shoot lasted all of 5 minutes because it was cold and I (Haven) was not having fun.

15 Months
We did this shoot right after Dashiell’s first birthday party.

16 Months
We had hand, foot, mouth in this photo, but didn’t know it yet.  😦

17 Months
It was wet at the West Point on the Eno, and these “boots were NOT made for walking”… We got a little soggy.  🙂

18 Months
Daddy’s Bible Study was meeting at our house so Haven and I had a Duke Garden’s adventure

19 Months
Mommy’s pregnant belly was beginning to show… a lot.  Mommy, Daddy, and I went to the Eno River for a picnic and photos.

20 Months
Mama, Papa, and I stayed the weekend in Wilmington and went down on the beach Saturday morning.  It was a little to chilly for bathing suits, but perfect for pictures.

21 Months
Last week with Guillaume.  Mommy, Guillaume, and I went to take photos together.

22 Months
My baby brother had arrived a couple of weeks prior.  Mommy took Titus and I to Parker and Otis for some photos and a muffin.

23 Months
First vacation as a family of 4.  I had my first ear infection and was miserable, but we didn’t know why.

24 Months
Mommy, Titus, and I went exploring and ended up at Historic Stagville.  I had a snack and played with my bears while mommy took photos.  She did tell me that I could have an M&M after the shoot since I did such a great job listening.


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