2 1/4 Years Old – 27 Months

Sweet Haven is already a fourth of her way through her 2’s!  Crazy, right?  This month Haven has really advanced in her learning of letters and numbers.  She knows all of her letters and most of the sounds.  She can count to 10 (and sometimes higher).  We are still looking at the recognition of the numbers, but she can identify some of them.  She loves to get rowdy (“chase me, Papa!)  She loves to jump (see photos below).  When I put a bow in her hair or a new dress on her she says, “cute!”  LOL!  I guess we say that a lot.  🙂  She also responds with “Fun!” a lot (I say that in response to people… a lot… which I didn’t notice till I started hearing Haven say it.)  Another Haven-ism that is one of my favorites is when she says, “happ-EEE!”  She usually says this in response to me giving her something she really likes, or when she’s done something for someone that she thinks they will like (Like drawing them a picture.)  🙂

This morning we went to Duke Park and took a few photos for this month.  Haven had a fun playing while I snapped away.


Jump Jump!


More Jump Jump!





Leaf Collecting


I love this silly grin!


And I love these deep brown eyes


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