Haven – 30 Months – 2 1/2

A half a year has gone by already since we were eating Elmo cake and celebrating this little girls second birthday!  She’s growing like CRAZY and grew 3 inches in 3 months!  I had to bring out 3T clothing b/c her 2T pants were too short!

Haven has always been full of personality that was all her own.  She loves what she loves and doesn’t mind what people may think.  I love that she is untouched by pressure from the outside.  It’s the beauty of this age.  She doesn’t know, and thus, she doesn’t care what other people think.  She plays with her Baby Turtles, Baby Ducks, Baby Panda Bear, Baby Koala, Baby Jag, Beanie Bears, and Owletta.  She LOVES Diego and Dora, and you can often see her running around the living room with an empty paper towel roll to her eye saying, “Do zyoo see the animaw in twuble?” (Translation: Do you see the animal in trouble?)  She also loves getting all her rubber ducks, bears, or turtles together and talking about how they are “famawee” (translation: family.)   She love saying, “I big kid!” after doing something she thinks deems her big kid worthy (ie: climbing into her booster at the table all by herself, jumping from a step, climbing onto the potty by herself, etc)  One of her new favorite phrases is, “Now dat’s somefin spesial!” (Translation: Now that’s something special), and she says it often.  She has always been really great at following directions and that has been a big help to me now that we also have Titus.  She is (knock on wood) fully potty trained as of a couples weeks…. something we are all so proud of and thankful for!  She knows all of her Letters and lots of their sounds.  If you give her a number of things and ask her to count them she can count them and get it right 99% of the time.  The girl LOVES any kind of arts and crafts and often asks to do “a fun thing” which means play-doh, cutting, gluing, stickers, markers, or paints.

Today we went out to Bennett Place to take a few pics and have a “Tea Party”.  Haven had a blast and was so happy to get to include her “friends” in our photos.  Afterwards we went to Whole Foods (Haven’s favorite lunch spot that she asks for CONSTANTLY) to have lunch and a treat.  🙂






Below:  Tea Party with some of her Favorites
This was a special treat (“Now dat’s somfin spesial!”) to have Owletta come with us for our photos since she typically is Haven’s bed pal who doesn’t leave our upstairs.  Haven was giddy to have her come along with us today!


DSC_0210 DSC_0212 DSC_0213








2 1:2 Dance

Above: Doing her Dora Dance
The Cardboard Crown is something we made together about 3 weeks ago.  Haven was obsessed with Crowns because of a Dora Saves the Mermaid episode where there is a “Magic Crown” that Marianna the Mermaid has.  Haven has been wearing this crown around almost everywhere.  Side note:  She looks like such a big kid in these photos above!  I can’t believe it!


One last photo with little brother
Haven 2 1/2 Years, Titus 8 1/2 Months


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